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Welcome to official site of a Bosnian NGO Citizens Associations "WOMEN OF SREBRENICA"
The task of this NGO is not to fight for women rights. The task is to search for more than 10,000 people missing in European largest massacre, committed by Bosnian Serb army, on July 11, 1995, in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please read the introduction article to find out more about this.


Hoćete li učestvovati u sljedećem Maršu smrti - put do slobode?



[11 Mar 2010] The Peace March to Srebrenica
[11 Mar 2010] Another tomb is opened in Kamenica
[11 Mar 2010] 11th of July : Potocari-Ramo and his son Nermin are buried
[11 Mar 2010] 11 July 2009, 534 identified Srebrenica genocide victims were buried in Potocari
[11 Mar 2010] Kravica, fourteen years later
[11 Mar 2010] Punishment for answers from the Chetniks „Obraz“
[11 Mar 2010] Karadzic: Srebrenica was a myth based on the wrong facts
[11 Mar 2010] We will never forget Srebrenica
[11 Mar 2010] SREBRENICA - PAST facing
[24 Jan 2008] Published book: The United Nations on the Srebrenica's Pillar of Shame

BULLETIN 34/January 2005
- Contents of the bulletin in English language
BULLETIN 33/Decembar 2004
- Contents of the bulletion in English language
BULLETIN 32/July 2004
- Contents of the 32nd edition of "Srebrenica bulletin"


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